Death Ride Challenge Gear

DEATH RIDE Challenge Jersey

The DEATH RIDE Challenge Jersey is the creation of Brandon Sopinsky & Team Weird Productions. Brandon has designed ALL the DEATH RIDE Tour & Challenge jerseys from the inception starting in 2009. Look for other amazing designs from Brandon & Team Weird.

The jerseys are of premium quality made by PRIMAL, the exclusive supplier of the DEATH RIDE Tour Inc., Charity Cycling Events.

Each participant will receive a DEATH RIDE Challenge jersey in either a finisher of participation design. In order to receive the “Finisher” version, the participant must finish within the 17-hour time limit.

A limited supply of DEATH RIDE Challenge Jerseys are available for sale for $65 at:

2017 DEATH RIDE Challenge jersey by Brandon Sopinsky

New for 2018- the DEATH RIDE Challenge 2 Finisher Belt Buckle (Photo coming soon)